Yogurt Yuphoria

Greenwood Village, Colorado



Yogurt Yuphoria - Greenwood Village, CO

  • Frozen Yogurt Shop - Architectural Design & Interiors
    • Yogurt Yuphoria is part of the popular trend of healthy, self-service yogurt shops. This is the first store of a local start-up group. The architectural design was a unique expression of Yogurt Yuphoria's goal to provide a fun, inviting environment for patrons to enjoy a healthy and uniquely their's yogurt snack, hang out with friends and family and create that neighborhood gathering place.
    • Architectural design details include incorporating 7 self-serve yogurt machines with public customer access side and full back kitchen and service area. A serving line accommodates over 30 topping choices. Details include: glass tile accent wall, round architectural forms to define circulation and seating areas, and the use of bright colors to create that unique, Yogurt Yuphoria yogurt shop.