Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Broomfield, Colorado



Sandoz Pharmaceuticals - Broomfield, CO

  • Ongoing 23 Acre Plant Upgrades - 338,000 SF
  • Processing/Packaging/Distribution Upgrades - 93,000 SF
  • New Customer Support Facility
  • Product R & D Processing, Clean Rooms
  • Architectural, Structural & Civil Services
  • CAD Facilities Management
    • Sandoz Pharmaceuticals is a manufacture and production facility for a wide range of pharmaceutical products. The plant encompasses a twenty-three acre complex located in Broomfield, Colorado. ZP Architects & Engineers has been involved, on an ongoing basis, in a series of improvements to keep plant capacity current with product demand. ZP has been involved in over 200 projects, totaling over 300,000 SF.
    • The range of work encompasses new construction, additions, complicated remodel, tenant finish and CAD equipment and facility management. The facility includes a wide range of specialized spaces ranging from research areas, clean rooms, wash rooms, explosion protected rooms and hazardous materials storage; all requiring very special code, electrical mechanical and OSHA design requirements.
    • Additional Sandoz Pharmaceutical projects include:
      • Master site plan
      • Cafeteria, Skywalk, Warehouse and 3-story Parking Addition
      • Finish Dosage Addition
      • AR & D + Bulk Production Additions
      • Operations Building 2-story Addition
      • New Coater/Isolation Room
      • Encapsulation & Solvent Drying Oven Upgrade
      • Tablet Press & Granulation Rooms
      • Accela-Cota Rooms
      • Catalytic Oxidizer Safety Upgrade
      • Medical Clinic