Jefferson County Alternative Energy Project

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Jefferson County Alternative Energy Project - Jefferson County, CO

  • 30 Jefferson County Schools - Architectural & Structural Design Services
    • ZP Architects & Engineers provided architectural and structural design services for a PPA Private Power Authority development team for a two phase, 4.5MW Photo Voltaic PV panel installation package on 30 Jeffco School rooftops.
    • The scope of work included field verification and as-built modifications of existing roof construction documents for proposed new work, structural load capacity analysis of each rooftop for new load capacity and PV farm layout construction documents for each location.
    • Projects ranged from Administrative Building to Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Analysis of the District's full Building Inventory for selection of the most feasible schools factored in the District's Rooftop Maintenance Schedule, proximity in the district and rooftop feasibility as part of the analysis on each school selection.
    • Currently the Alternative Energy PV Photo Voltaic project supplies approximately 15% of a schools power needs and provides the School District with a prominent teaching tool for Sustainable Design and Green Energy utilization.